Presma AR-15 45 Degree Canted Set

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Rapid Transition AR-15 Style Flip Up Sights by Sniper®, 45 Degree Offset, Aluminum Front & Rear Set. SKU: MAFRS
Machined from lightweight, extremely durable 7075 grade aluminum, Military Spec hard anodized.

Same height above bore as standard-issue M4/M16A4 sights. 1/2 MOA elevation and windage adjustments. For AR-15/M16 type rifles, optical sights provide superior performance at longer ranges, but iron sights can be more effective for close-range engagements. However, attaching an optical sight either prevents the use of iron sights or results in a setup that produces a front sight “shadow” on the optical image, and/or results in problematic transitions from optical to backup iron sights. Not anymore. Sniper® Rapid Transition Sights provide shooters with the quickest possible transition between longer- and closer-range target acquisition, greatly increasing their efficiency and effectiveness in battle and competition. Designed by Sniper® and a top 3-Gun shooter these sights mount directly to a weapon’s Picatinny rail, offset from center by approximately 45 Degree. This unique offset position makes transitioning from optical to iron sights simply a matter of quickly canting the weapon with your wrists and locking on to the target. There’s no removing a hand from the weapon or making a manual adjustment, and no cluttered field of vision or iron sights blocking the optical sight. Just smooth, quick transitions that could mean the difference between winning or losing a competition.

• Black
• Machined from Lightweight, Extremely Durable 7075 Grade Aluminum
• Military Spec Hard Anodized
• 1/2 MOA Elevation and Windage Adjustment
• Mounting Base Length Front: 0.95”. Rear: 0.95”
• Width Front: 2.11”. Rear: 2,14”mm
• Weight 3.8oz


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